Nautical Boat Tote Bags

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Display your initials in nautical signal flags on this jumbo boat tote. 


Nautical Bote Tote Bag


 Its made from premium heavy weight cotton canvas (13 oz.) in natural.  The 26 handles and reinforced colored bottom are navy.  Its nautically neutral and looks great with all of the signal flag colors.

            There is plenty of room in this 20 by 16 by 6 tote.   With a zipper closure, a zippered inside pocket and an additional pocket on the outside it is ideal for travel, cruising, beaching or shopping. The code flags mounted on the pocket are durable engraved plastic; ready for as much surf and sun and spilled food as your lifestyle provides.

            Surprise your favorite sailor, a kind neighbor or a whole wedding party with a unique practical and quality gift.

 The cost for one is $24.95 plus $6.50 postage.  To purchase more than one please email for a quote.



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