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There are three ways to order. Refer to the Review of Products below.
1. Send us an email at Flagguy1@aol.com . List the nautical product(s), color(s) and/or flag choices needed. You will get a reply with directions, price verification, and the address for Nautical Code Names.
2. Write your order on paper.  Include a check or money order for your purchase price, plus $6.50 for postage ($2.50 for 'Flags Only').

Mail it to: Nautical Code Names P.O. Box 2813 Ormond Beach, FL. 32175-2813.         
3. Use PayPal for same day or next day shipping after you get a quote. Follow the PayPal link below to sign up!



Nautical Code Names™

P.O. Box 2813
Ormond Beach, Florida
32175-2813 U.S.A.
Phone/Fax: (386)-441-5800
Email: Flagguy1@AOL.com


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