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                 NCN docked at the   
                Cape Cod Gift Show 
                 March 18th & 19th
                     of this year.



Rotating Lighthouse to Display Signal Flags

            Display Description:
      Frosted white with gold mirror
Laser cut acrylic mounted on a lazy
     susan base
         Includes 120 nautical flags 
         Approx. 16" high, 12" wide


  Our lighthouse gives nautical distinction to any shore or store!

Pegleg Pete poses with a nautical treasure

                Display Description:
      Wire rack holding signal flags and frames
                 Sample frame sign
           Includes 120 Flags and 8 frames
        Approximate size 11" x 11" x 25"



License Plate Displays

These signal flag license plates and three inch flags rotate and decorate your store...

               Display Description:
                Acrylic plastic plate atop
               Compact wire rack
        Includes 96 flags and 12 plates
             Approx. 15" x 18" x 32"


Call for additional displays, wholesale prices, and our free brochure.

      Call/Fax: (386) 441-5800


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